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Hop Naughty IPA

Are you an IPA fan?

If you answered yes you are in luck! If you answered no, don't sweat it, this brew is for you too.

An IPA that weighs in at 7.0% ABV and boast a range of hops that puts it at 70IBU's this IPA will go down smooth. This brew has a pleasant citrus/piney aroma so pleasing your nose won't want your mouth to steal the moment! A woodsy initial taste leaves just the right amount of bitterness lingering on your palate, it finishes smooth with pleasing tones and urges you to have another! Feelin' Naughty?

7.3% ABV - 68 IBU's - 10SRM

Naughty, Naughty, Naughty!

Imperial Moustache Red

Can you grow a moustache?

Yeah we can't either, but with this brew we honor those who can.

An Irish Red Ale that strays from the norm with a handful of extra hops that you wouldn't expect yet compliments it well.

The Red color will leave you in awe, but don't forget to take a drink. A very sweet first taste will lead to a dry/roasty finish with a hint of hops that you will come to love.

Let it take you for a ride!

5.6% ABV - 19 IBU's - 17SRM

Can you grow a moustache?

#busted Nut Brown Ale

A Nut Brown Ale with a biscuity/bready malt profile and a taste of caramel/chocolate specialty malts. Hops lend to the taste profile without overpowering.

5.1% ABV - 19 IBU's - 23 SRM

It's all busted up, like nobody's biz-ness!

Hawt BlondeĀ 

Hawt Blonde is a light and refreshing American blonde ale.

It pours clear with a pleasing golden hue.

A hint of herbal spice comes from Santiam hops. Spend some time with a Hawt Blonde.

4.7% ABV - 16 IBU's - 5 SRM

This on is EXTRA Hawt!

Dahkness Stout

This is a full on stout.

Brewed with roasted malts, this stout is dark yet smooth.

Chocolate malts are added to even out the taste profile. A nice dark head make this an eye pleaser, while just a bit of english hops are added to give just a hint of bitterness on the finish.

6.3% ABV - 18 IBU's - 33 SRM

It's Dark as #%$&!, Yo...

Vertical House Black Ale

"Vertical House" Black Ale celebrates the independent spirit and our collaboration with Vertical House Records in Huntsville, AL.

It has the smooth roast of a dark ale and the heart of an IPA.

On the nose, hop aroma is of spice and citrus with an undertone of roasted malt.

Taste resembles an IPA with smooth bitterness and a finish of dark roasted malt.

7.2% ABV - 78 IBU's - 37 SRM

Rockin' the House,...Yo!

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Christmas Stout

Skip the milk and cookies this year and give Santa one of these instead.

This brew is exciting!

Brewed with the holidays in mind, this Stout has a cocoa taste with dark, roasted malt undertones. "Hopped" with pure cocoa from West Africa, you will be welcomed by an aroma of chocolate that will make you wonder what's coming next.

Santa better watch out!

Just in time for Christmas!


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How about you tell us what you would like to see next?

Stop by and have a few and leave us your comments and you just might see your favorite recipe on the list.

Then you can go and brag to all your friends that "you created that beer!"

What will 'you' think of next?

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Amber Wheat Ale


White Stout


California Common